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February 15, 2008


Marie Phillips

I couldn't get the McCain one to work! Help!

I have to vote for Merle as well, just because Obama's was so painfully free of irony, and also because I couldn't understand half of it once they were singing over the top just out of sync, and mainly in fact because Scarlett Johanson, while undeniably stunning, looked so utterly gormless throughout.

I do have to say that I think Merle is joking but I'm not sure what the joke is.


The link to the John McCain tribute above is here - and definitely worth watching:

I've also discovered another very good 'No, I Can't' video, almost as slick, and equally damning - it features an interesting slant on McCain offering jobs picking lettuces in Yuma for $50 an hour (as well as the usual Iraq and bombing Iran stuff):

Then read this on the lettuces - very funny: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1615112/posts.

And completely agree with you about Scarlett.

Marie Phillips

Now I've managed to watch the McCain videos (I love them, especially the first one - ten thousand years?? and I note there is a fake gormless Scarlett) but the lettuce link doesn't work!

I'm going out with ben and Paddy tonight. I miss you. This is rubbish. Shouldn't global warming have shrunk the Atlantic by now?


Hhhm, my fault as the lettuce link should not end in full stop. Apologies - must remember to stop constructing grammatically correct sentences when I blog. Try again: http://lonewacko.com/blog/archives/004938.html

Good point about the Atlantic and global warming, although according to my trusty sources (i.e. the little I can remember from 'An Inconvenient Truth'), I think the Atlantic is shrinking rather than growing. I seem to recall it was all to do with the Atlantic currents which are going to turn Manhattan into a swimming pool, wasn't it? Sorry to disappoint, but if it continues at this rate then the UK will soon resemble the Bahamas and then we won't keep disappearing overseas anyway...

But, more importantly, have you seen Al Gore's beard?

Please contribute to global warming and book a flight over to see us soon.

E xx

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