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January 16, 2009



Oh my god! You're going to the inauguration! Oh my god!!!!!!!!! We your loyal readers demand full disclosure the moment you get back.

Emma Shercliff

Bet you wish you'd booked that plane ticket now, eh?

I do promise full disclosure but can't promise I will write it the moment I get back - am pretty sure I will need several hours to defrost. Am currently shopping for balaclava.


Presumably if I had booked that plane ticket you'd have to have left me at home while you and Simon went to the ceremony...

...You're not telling me I could have gone. You are KIDDING me.


Great news that you'll get to witness Obama's inauguration, or just to see Joe Biden as you seem rather struck by him! For those of your readers that can't be there (or will be asleep as it's on at 3.30am Sydney time) have you seen what the wonderful makers of Lego have done to make everyone feel as though they were there. Go to http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/howaboutthat/4270990/Barack-Obamas-inauguration-in-Legoland-California.html

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