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May 08, 2009



Catching up with this late - glad you had a good day, as it sounds like the previous few were rather depressing. Did the first bookshop west of the Allegheny mountains stock Gods Behaving Badly?

Marion gough

Looks greatand really interesting, at least you have had a little sunshine! The guys must be delighted when you catch up with them for their lunches. Not long now, well done, let's hope the last sting is sunny! :-)

Anne Collett

Emma, so glad to hear your perspective on the trip. Having travelled through some of these places, I understand how shocking this kind of extreme poverty must appear to someone who hasn't seen it before. Let's keep our fingers crossed that universal healthcare gets passed this year and the economy bounces back quickly. You definitely don't get this sense of America in and around Washington DC. But keep up the good work (and the fantastic writing). Only one day to go and we are all pulling for you, the boys (and their sore legs and bums) and Orphans in the Wild.

-Anne (a colleague of Oliver and Simon)

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