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May 06, 2009



Loving getting your side of the story too! When are you home? Let's try and speak this weekend if you are back. xxx

Marion gough

Hi, only just realised you also have a blog!! Keep up the good work, they will be nowhere without you! Crumbs I really didn't realise that there were places in the USA with such poverty! Have obviously seen places on films. Just makes you think how lucky we are. Well one thing, you won't forget all this in a hurry!Let's hope you have at least some sunshine to brighten up the day. Hope you have something good to listen to on the radio. Well done.
thinking of you, Marion


Poor you! You're the one who really needs to be encouragée!

Thanks for that great report anyway - please continue!

(Aymeric says thanks)


Chin up mate the support crew role is one of the most underrated but toughest in an endurance event! Just look at all the money you guys have raised - nearly $20k is amazing and the boys couldn't do it without you. Onward and upward regardless of dodge motels, do hope it stops raining soon though, and here's a 'No Chainsaw' photo Oz style for you in the URL - these colonials eh?! xx

stihl chain saws

Hey, this is fantastic looking blog..and I love the way you write! I wish I could write that well, but hey...I try. That's what counts right! TY!

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