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January 31, 2010



We're there. Have strapped a cement mixer to my back and the children have some mortar trowels, so if Charlie grabs some bricks we'll have a house by teatime!



Moi aussi, je suis sur le coup!


Presumably, as Alex's betrothed, you've planned a bedroom for Eloise?

Aaron Reiley @ ACE Payday loans

Wow, that's really great! Owning a property in Africa is one of my fantasies too. I love to experience the simple living of the people there, although it is quite impossible for me now to realized those goals.

katy Shields

excellent news. i can build you a pizza/ bread oven!


Spending some much needed time on social networks and your blog after a great trip to Sth Africa and lots of digi work in Oz. I am having Africa withdrawal symptoms so am definitely there to help select the chintz and Macca is pretty handy at all things farm... x

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