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January 15, 2010



It's uncanny!!!!

Lynn Cole

Hi, Emma - 'status' maybe, but 'parentage'? Mum xx


Thanks for the link Ems, that little memento has amused my day :-) As I mentioned in Facebook page, I can't wait to be an auntie at our next family get-together. My hours at 'Peedie Breeks Nursery' will not have been in vane!!

I really enjoyed getting back to work yesterday, it was really cute the way the bairnies all gave me big smiles and hugs :0)

I have discovered very exciting Orkney tunes in the shape of Kris Drever, he has a www.krisdrever.com

You'll prob recognise the backdrop on his wee video, I had the pleasure of meeting him and sitting in on a couple of sessions at hooses over Festivities, hope you likey. He has a new album due out at the end of this month I'm sure.

Anyhoo, call me twitter, best be off my dear, happy baby fun, lots love, from Alex's first-cousin-once-removed Gail xx

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