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November 18, 2010



That Salman Rushdie. I'm always finding him going through my bins.


Fair play to Salman - he might have nicked your story but the bins thing is me in a Rushdie mask. Anyway, it's not like his book is going to gross $91m AND stop your one getting a proper release: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racing_Stripes

[Legal note: I do not believe Disney stole mine/Sue's idea. It was convergent evolution. But ours was on stage two years before Racing Stripes.]

[Personal note: my mother does believe Disney stole the idea. It's quite sweet, really.]

DC Diary

I'm totally with your mother on this one.


As a fan of Marie's The Woman Who Talked Too Much blog AND Salman Rushdie, I love, looove, LURV this anecdote. Also, DC Diary person, you are a super-cool friend. It was tres cool of you to give your novelist friend a shout-out when face-to-face with Mr Rushdie. Not only that, but also you gave him a welcome break from the tedium of signing books!

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